The Threads of Life

In honor of this holiday of the heart, I wanted to share a favorite poem, Threads by James Autry, author of Love and Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership.  Over 20 years ago a professor shared this

Horrible Bosses

They are out there.  Yelling, controlling, taking credit for your work and playing favorites. In fact, 36 percent of American workers have a boss they described as “dysfunctional" or horrible.  What makes a boss horrible?  

The Best Environment for Leaders to Grow

When developing yourself as a leader, what is the best environment to experience growth? A growth environment is a place where... Others are ahead of you. You are not at the head of the class.

Be Open to Receive

We are all a work in progress, myself included.  As I reflected on the year, and asked myself what change I could make to enrich my life and those around me, I realized my fierce

Jamboree Leaders Graduate

Leaders at Jamboree gathered to celebrate the graduation of  employees from a customized leadership program.  As their guide on this leadership journey I look forward to the participants sharing what was meaningful about our time

Make The Final 30 Days of 2015 Count

When December hits, many people suffering from post-turkey syndrome, use the excuse of the holidays to ease up and back off.   If that's you, consider finishing strong instead.  Kick it into gear and take

Leadership in Heels

The Leadership in Heels Speaker series presented by Scharrell Jackson, featuring Pernille Spiers-Lopez, former CEO & President IKEA North America and author of Design your Life left audience members inspired to design the life they desire. Pernille

Young Professionals Leadership Summit

Over 200 young professionals gathered at a leadership summit presented by Brandman University and hosted by Ed Linck.  The conference featured session on ethics and entrepreneurship as well as panels on enhancing your career with


Months of planning.  Weeks of anticipation.  Days of excitement. "Your passport is expired" are not the words you want to hear at the airport.  "Excuse me?" I said.  "Your passport is expired," the agent at


I had an amazing meal at CLASS Kitchen a new pop-up restaurant in  Costa Mesa, CA  that serves excellent food and delivers an exceptional dining experience that is operated entirely by  high school culinary students.