A Skilled Facilitator Wears Many Hats

I facilitate hundreds of meetings every year.  When I am in the role of the facilitator, I  guide the participants through a series of steps that result in them creating their solution. I don't tell

The Habit of Happy

People that cultivate a positive mind-set perform better in the face of challenge.  Our general sense of well-being is malleable.  The habits we cultivate, the way we interact with coworkers, how we think about stress

Ditch the Mask and Be You

We all wear masks and not just on October 31st.  There is the mask we wear for the world normally exposing only a small part of ourselves, and generally just the part we want you

Be a Team Leader People Want to Follow

In a Leadership Circle discussion about how the leader acts and behaves in a high performing team, participants shared what they experienced and came up with the following list. They lead by example and act

Hug the Moment:  A Day of Breaks, Crashes and Pests

Some weeks are less than awesome.  I recently returned home from a business trip to an aphid infestation, a hacked computer and a broken tooth.  So I sprayed the aphids, took the computer to Microsoft

Journey to Vietnam

Vietnam, here I come.  This will be my last blog for a few weeks as I leave technology behind so I can be more fully present to explore and soak in the beauty around me.

Get Better Ideas Faster with Brainwriting

If you really want to generate the best idea or solution write first, talk second. When you separate idea generation from discussion you not only generate more ideas, but you will generate more original ideas.

What Would Dory Do? (WWDD)

Characters in the movie, Finding Dory, ask, What Would Dory Do (WWDD)? when faced with a difficult situation.  Dory, the friendly but forgetful, blue tang fish goes in search of her long-lost parents and everyone learns a few

Get Your Hustle On

There are two kinds of people - those who do and those who don't.  Which are you?  Maybe it's not that simple, but when you study highly successful people you don't find them binge watching

Ready, Set … Ask

It is so easy for our communication with others to get derailed.  There are infinite distractions that can get in our way and often we are so busy preparing our response that we aren't truly