Have you ever met anybody, I mean anybody, that doesn’t like a little appreciation?   It’s actually a basic human need that we all share.  We all want our work to matter, we all want to add value and to know that our contribution and effort means something.  Employees want their boss to notice…and not just notice, but say something!

So, what gets in the way of recognizing good work?   We get busy, we have meetings to go to, clients to call and emails to check, and we simply run out of time.  This week’s act of leadership helps you get intentional about making time to appreciate your employees.

Concept:  Employees crave recognition and appreciation, yet we often forget to stop and say thank you.  Celebrating small milestones and big successes help encourage people to keep giving their best.  

Ask Yourself:  When was the last time I gave verbal recognition to one of my employees? When was the last time I celebrated a work or personal milestone with one of my employees?

Take Action:  Buy a set of thank you cards to keep at your desk.  Write a hand­ written thank you note to an employee to recognize a specific contribution they have made.  

Reflect:  How did it feel to write the note?  Was it easy or difficult to give the praise?  In what other ways can I celebrate and recognize others?

Next:  Continue to do at least one thank you card per week (you don’t have to limit your appreciation to your own team).

Celebrating and appreciating  good work is a powerful, cost-effective way to improve relationships, sure, but guess what?  Recognizing good work motivates employees to do better, so it improves company performance too.

So be generous with your praise.  Give it frequently and personally. Make it specific and meaningful.  Your employees will be grateful and so will you.

I would love to hear how taking this leadership action helped you, so please come back and leave a comment.

Thank you for coming along for this ride.  I hope to see you next week when we talk about the value of leading with compassion and care.

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