What we say and how we say it, can make or break a relationship.   In our Leader’s Guide to Building Relationships, Tip #3 is communicate with care.

Concept: How often do you experience miscommunication issues at work? Frequently, right? That’s because it’s not only what you communicate (words), but how you communicate (voice, body language) that either conveys the message you intended or causes misunderstanding and even conflict.

Ask Yourself: How do I perceive my communication is being received by others? What do I do with my body and my voice when I am speaking?

Take Action:  Ask a trusted peer or your boss to observe you at a meeting and give you feedback about your body language and voice.

Reflect: How can I use the feedback that I received to enhance my communication with others?

Observe nonverbal and vocal ques of others.  Consider how you interpret these ques and the impact it has on your understanding of the message.

So pay attention to nonverbal behavior.  Make sure your body language and voice are congruent with your words and you will greatly reduce miscommunication issues at work –AND at home.

If you missed Tip #2 – Connect with People to Build Trust , you can check it out here.

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Thank you for coming along for this ride.  I hope to see you next week when we look at the importance of clarifying expectations to help you become a better leader.

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