Welcome, Tip # 6 encourages you to give your employees the kind of constructive feedback that can help them change, grow and improve. Without clear and direct feedback, it’s difficult for employees to change, improve and reach their potential.

Concept:  Feedback is a gift that should be given regularly.  Effective leaders frequently give employees specific, timely, feedback to grow in their skills and improve performance.

Ask Yourself:  Do I give frequent and ongoing feedback to my employees? When was the last time I gave an employee corrective feedback? How did it go?  Was there anything I would have done differently?

Take Action: Select an employee and meet with them to deliver the feedback.  Plan what you are going to say by getting clear on the situation, focus on observable behaviors, the impact and ultimately seek agreement on resolution or next action steps.

Reflect:  Did pre­-planning what you would say help you?  What was the employee’s reaction? Is there anything you would do differently the next time you share feedback with this employee?

Next:  Seek to understand how each employee prefers to receive feedback so that in the future you can deliver feedback in a way that it will be received well.

Sending and receiving feedback is vital to a healthy working relationship.  So now, I would love to hear how taking this leadership action helped you, so please come back and leave a comment.

Thank you for coming along for this ride.  I hope to see you next week when we talk about how to become a better leader by developing your team.

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