When employees believe that a leader genuinely cares about them and that the leader is there to help them realize their fullest potential, they will give their best effort.  It’s up to you to create a work environment where people feel safe, supported, and encouraged so they can become the best version of themselves and achieve great things.

Leadership, like life – is mostly a matter of paying attention. So make sure you pause and notice what is going on with your people and respond in ways that show them you care about them and have their best interest at heart.

Concept: When employees believe that a leader genuinely cares about them and that the leader is there to help them realize their fullest potential, they will give their best effort.  Leaders create a work environment where people feel safe, supported, and encouraged.

Ask Yourself:  In what ways have I shown my employees that I care about them? What have I done to create a positive work environment?

Take Action:  Schedule a recurring one on one meeting with each direct report.  Be sure to clearly explain the purpose of the meeting. Do your best to honor and prioritize these meetings as you would a client meeting. This time can be used to grow your relationship with the employee, have development discussions, share feedback, brainstorm and so much more.

Reflect:  If you are already holding such meetings, evaluate how the time is being used and what is being discussed.  Often, they are limited to status meetings, how can you expand and use this time in a more meaningful way?

Next:  What else can you do to show your employees you care about them? What can you do to encourage an environment where employees feel safe, supported and encouraged?

One of my clients who does an annual employee engagement survey found that employees said holding regular one on one meetings with their leader was the most important action their leader could take to positively impact engagement and their working relationship.

People who try the suggested leadership actions report a positive change in their relationships with their employees, an increase in the level of employee engagement, and improved results.

I would love to hear how taking this leadership action helped you, so please come back and leave a comment.

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