At campuses across the country caps are flying in the air to the joyful cries of college graduates.  I remember the feelings of  exhilaration and terror mixed together as I struggled with what to do next.  Will I get a job? Will I like it?

I decided to make my new start in Orange County some 500 miles away from my hometown. I had a friend with a room, so with a roof over my head I jumped into the labor pool.  Landing a job seemed easy enough, but it proved to be a lesson in all the things to avoid in a new job.  I certainly learned to be more discerning about my next employer which led me to a long and prosperous career.

As I was contemplating how the 2015 graduates might be feeling, I want to encourage them to reach out, seek advice, support and referrals for jobs and contacts from their fellow alumni and if they want to continue to develop their leadership skills then consider volunteering with the alumni association or other nonprofit board.  Serving on various Board of Directors throughout my career has contributed to my growth as a leader in the community.

I currently serve as the President of the Brandman University Alumni Association and I am excited to welcome our newest graduates.  We emphasis staying connected, building relationships and expanding opportunities for our alumni. It’s free to join and we have many ways to get involved. The talents and energy of new alumni are always welcome.


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