The Institute for the Future teamed up with the University of Phoenix Research Institute to identify the following skills, in light of several current economic drivers, that will be needed to thrive in the workplace in the year 2020.



  1. Sense-making: Determining the deeper meaning or significance of what’s being expresssed
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  3. Social intelligence: Connecting to others and sensing and stimulating reactions
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  5. Novel and adaptive thinking: Thinking and coming up with creative solutions
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  7. Cross-cultural competency: Operating in different cultural settings
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  9. Computational thinking: Translating vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and understanding data-based reasoning
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  11. New media literacy: Leveraging, critically assessing, and developing content using new media forms
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  13. Transdisciplinarity: Understanding concepts across multiple disciplines
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  15. Design mindset: Representing and developing tasks and work processes for desired outcomes
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  17. Cognitive load management: Discriminating and filtering for important information and mastering new tools to manage it
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  19. Virtual collaboration: Working productively, driving engagement, and being present as a member of a virtual team.
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\nAre you ready? Is your team ready? What action can you take today to help develop these skills in yourself and your team?\n\nT&D Magazine, September 2011


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